Prayer is not just a program of the church—it’s found in everything we do. Our aim is to equip people in a lifestyle of prayer, where people learn how to hear from God, pray for His will, and join him in the work of transforming lives. Whether you are in a gathering, a life group, at home or work, we encourage prayer in every context.
It’s amazing what God will do when we pray. Here are a few significant opportunities to pray with others:
  • SUNDAY MORNING PRAYER - 9:15am - 9:45am
Prior to our Celebration service we have a time of focussed prayer for the gathering, the church and any specific needs. It is open to anyone who is interested in praying for God’s purposes among us. You are welcome to join us in the prayer room.

Occasionally we have special days, nights, or weeks for prayer. Whether it is for preparing for a new season or a specific reason to call the church to pray corporately, we believe in the power of united prayer. These are times where we see God at work, moving beyond our limitations, as we depend on God’s Spirit.