Welcome to Bethel International Church!

This page contains everything we think you'll need to know if you are visiting or new to our congregation.

What to Expect

Bethel International Church services begin at 10 AM every Sunday, but the doors of the church will be open for the entire service for those who arrive later or need to leave early.

You may be greeted at the door by a volunteer greeter or by one of the pastors. They may offer to show you to a seat, but you are welcome to seat yourself. You may sit wherever you feel most comfortable. 

Service begins with a selection of worship songs led by our worship team. You are welcome to stand or sit during this time, but standing is encouraged as a posture of worship. The words to the songs will be displayed on a screen above the stage so that you can sing along. 

When the music is finished, a pastor may invite the congregation to greet those seated around them. People sitting around you may shake your hand or introduce themselves to you. 

The congregation will then be seated, and a pastor will deliver a sermon based on select readings from the Bible. During this time you are welcome to take notes on paper, follow along with our mobile church app, or just listen. We do ask that mobile devices are silenced during this time. Guests are welcome to slip out of the service at any time if the need arises.

Either before or after the sermon, a pastor may invite the congregation to a time of prayer or reflection. Congregants may form groups and begin praying with each other during these times. You may participate to the extent that you feel comfortable.

Service usually concludes by 11:30 AM. Following the service, you are welcome to mingle or socialize with other congregants. The pastors will be available in the church foyer or sanctuary during this time, and you are welcome to approach them to introduce yourself, ask questions, or request prayer. 

Bethel International Church is a place where people of all backgrounds, ages, and walks of life are welcome to come worship God. We are a diverse, multicultural congregation that seeks to embody God's love to all those who enter our building. 


Is There Parking?

Street parking can usually be found along E 33rd Ave or in the residential areas around the church. There is a small parking lot at the back of the church which can be accessed via Dunward Ave.

Is there Child Care available during the service?

We offer a children's program every Sunday for children ages 3-12, which runs during the regular service. 

We have a private nursery room which is available for nursing mothers to use during the service, as well as a toddler's play room, but these rooms are unsupervised and parent supervision is required. 

Parents are welcome to join our service via livestream from either the nursery or toddler rooms. 

What Should I Wear?

Bethel International Church is a naturally diverse congregation.  As such, there is no set expectation on how our guests should dress or appear. You may come to church dressed as casually or as formally as you wish, but what is important is that you come to church in a way that you feel is presentable to God and respectful of the worship atmosphere. 




Any other questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our community or our Sunday gatherings. Feel free to reach out to us with the following form.

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