Our mission as a church community echoes the words of Jesus himself, where he called ordinary people to follow him and then commissioned them to make disciples who also learn how to follow him.  And so our mission is to follow Jesus and make disciples.

Our desire is for people to see how God is pursuing them and how they can be a part of a much bigger (and better) story.  This is the story of God’s work in the world, transforming lives by the work of his Spirit.


Everyone has core values whether expressed or not.  These are key identity descriptions that describe who they are. When expressed, they can help as guiding principles for a family, community, or organization.  At Bethel we have five core values or convictions:

Worship Oriented – We desire to honour God with all that we are and live generously with all that he has given us.

Community Shaped – We are committed to building supportive relationships that demonstrate grace, truth, and authenticity.

Jesus Centred – We seek to orientate our lives around the person and work of Jesus as revealed in the Bible.

Spirit Led – We are devoted to prayer and receptive to the dynamic work of the Holy Spirit
Mission Focussed – We are outwardly focussed in showing and sharing the good news of Jesus in our city and around the world.