Time For God: June 4

Written by Paul Beckingham

Focus: Genesis 2:7
And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.

Ah, the humble teabag! Many makers produce several varieties. Boxes of different colors and sizes adorn our supermarket shelves. Containing lesser quality tea, teabags command a lower price. As a family favorite, the teabag—round or square—holds some distinct character traits.

A single crop of tea contains all grades of tea. The secret lies in the production process. The thicker curled leaves score the highest grade or classification. They are splendid teas. Their full flavor takes more time to develop. They take up to eight or ten minutes to steep. The longer they steep, the fuller the flavor. Yet, with extra time in the pot they do not become bitter. They contain so much depth of flavor that they can even be steeped a second time. They evoke long days of leisure and unhurried conversation where life is lived in casual elegance and grace.

For busy families and people on the go, the teabag is the tea of choice. As an infusion, it quickly yields its flavors. From teapot to teacup takes only three minutes. If the bag is left in the pot, a heavy tannin flavor, however, reveals that it becomes foul-bodied—not full-bodied like superior real-leaf teas. That may be unimportant; hurry-hurry has no time for a second cup of tea.

Some folks become distressed to learn that teabags contain tea dust or tea sweepings. Dust it is! Often the weight of curled tealeaves crushes the lower layers in the crate producing tea dust to fill our teabags. The greater surface area of the tea dust releases the flavor faster. For tea producers that dust has special value; teabags breathe life into dry dust. It is never swept away.
In His creative power God reaches down to touch dry dust—Creation’s lowliest element. God elevates it; His hands form it as the first person to walk on planet Earth. God anoints dry dust with the power of his breath. Inhaling God dust becomes a human being. Dust comes fully alive!

When was the last time you felt your heart surge with the sense of, Wow! I just came alive!? Where were you when that happened? What do you need God to do for you in order to restore your aliveness In Christ? What is God asking you to do to participate in that process?

God of Life, I find myself at peace in You. Your wisdom, love, and hope have formed my human life. You promise that the life you have given me You will not permit to be destroyed. Thank You for Your eternal security entered here and now. Lord Jesus, You journey alongside me. You go ahead of me, directing my steps. You stand behind me, guarding my brokenness and healing my wounds. Your tender love crushes me as dust. Holy Spirit You breathe life again into my mortal flesh. O Lifter of My Head, renew my heart. Assist me to raise my praises daily up to You. Amen.  
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