Time For God: May 17

Written by Paul Beckingham

Focus: 2 Timothy 3:5
And from such people turn away!
Some years ago a small team of volunteers worked in The Dawn Project. Every Friday night they gathered in London, just off Trafalgar Square. Working in pairs they met with drug users, handing them cards—large print invitations to gather at a strategically parked van. There, another team served hot chocolate, coffee, and sandwiches. The van doubled up as a makeshift ambulance. It transported comatose drug users to St. George’s Hospital nearby. Often—not always—lives were saved.

Regular visitors went directly to St. Peter’s Church, Vere Street, linked to the work of All Saint’s Church in Langham Place. The oddest church services I’ve ever witnessed took place at 3:00am every Saturday morning. Guitars punched out praise songs as a leader presented the Gospel. He was direct and decisive. Capturing the attention of drowsy onlookers was one goal—safety another. Unpredictable behaviors could erupt into violence. Team safety was maintained under the watchful eyes of wary leaders while seasoned team nurses checked on the condition of unrousable visitors.  

Conversations were usually complicated. A worker greets a client, Hi, where are you from? After a moment of confused hesitation the client replies, Yeah, man, I’m from Venus. How about you? Sometimes, the love of Christ—as a Scotsman once put it—is better felt than telt [put into words]. When words fail love-in-action speaks fluently.

In today’s Focus verse the Apostle warns against friendship with corrupting powers. Yet, he does not promote Christian ghetto-ism. Nor does he ignore the plight of those who are lost in sin. He warns, instead, against a thoughtless drift into the deep waters of corrupt company. He exhorts intentional living as salt and light.

Missionary educator Maria Munger observes: There is no substitute for light; in a world deprived of it, every living thing would die …To not have the light of Christ is to be exposed to the darkness, which brings death. In Him was life. Believers seek to know Him whom to know is life indeed; they demonstrate Christ’s loving light to all.

What unusual ways has God used your life to make Christ known to others? What out-of-the-box thinking is God prompting you to consider today as you share His love with others? How can you express God’s extraordinary love in ordinary ways?
What is the simplest—most direct—way for you today to share the love of God?
Jesus, Friend of Sinners, you are my friend indeed. Father, I thank You that in my ordinary days you manifest expressions of Your extraordinary love for me. By Your Holy Spirit’s inspiration, generate creative ways for me to live out your love. May Christ’s light shine brightly to bless friends, neighbors and loved ones. Amen.
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