Time For God: May 5

Written by Paul Beckingham

Focus: 2 Timothy 1:8
Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord
News arrived unexpectedly from England. Sudden news is rarely good. All was not well. A long-ago friend was about to get married …before her illness overtook her.

Jen (name changed) had recently been diagnosed with ALS. Known also as Lou Gehrig’s disease, Jen’s amyotrophic lateral sclerosis was racing through her frame. Her body was shutting down—much faster than the doctors had predicted.

The wedding was already scheduled. It would coincide with Jen’s early retirement. She and Grant (name changed) had carefully mapped out their travel plans. They had arranged photography safaris. Their new home promised shared gardening projects. But ALS intruded. Just two weeks away, could the ceremony proceed?

Jen was once an active member of her community of faith. Things changed; life moved on. Jen’s faith grew dormant. She decided to marry Grant; he shied away from the Christian faith. They focused instead on the here and now-ness of planning their life together. For now, the urgent demands of building a new life camouflaged unseen realities. The diagnosis devastated their hope, delivering pain and darkness.

How does the testimony of our Lord fit here for Jen and Grant? The answer begins with a reminder. The Bible prompts them to find God within their story. What is true for them is true for each of us. You begin by recalling God’s evident grace throughout your life. You continue with this reassurance—God will not abandon you in the shadow-time of your need. God is in your story—all the time.

In that light I penned: God stands over you, Jen, lighting your way. He is beneath you, holding you up on strong but gentle hands. He goes ahead of you, making rough places smooth. He stands behind you, guarding your brokenness and vulnerabilities. He moves within you by his Holy Spirit. He walks beside you each step of the way. He  promises never to leave or abandon you, Jen. He loves you …because he loves you ...because he loves you. And that will never change, even in the changing circumstances of your life.

When have you needed a reminder that God deeply loves you in the midst of trying circumstances? Who is waiting to hear from you today about a hope that is real, a Savior who is true, a Living God who appears in every line of our story?   
Ever-present God of Grace, let me discover You between the lines of my story in this chapter of my life. Show me how You thread Your love into the life of my friends and family. Give me Your word of encouragement, the testimony of our Lord, to share with them, today. Author of my life, my story is Yours alone. Amen.
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