Time For God - May INTRO

Written by Paul Beckingham

Words are powerful; they change lives. For better …or for worse.

Think back to a time when an apt word brightened your day. Words can change your life’s direction. At just the right time, you may have received the right word spoken in the right way. Words deliver new possibilities to open fresh dreams and focus your endeavors. They remove the tight lid that holds you back from being fully you.

Human words reflect God’s way of working. He speaks a universe into being. From nothing He creates infinite possibilities. From the face of the deep He calls forth hope. He grants his children creative choices, too—opportunities to participate in His creative work. It’s about your words. You can use words for evil or apply them for good; build faith or demolish hope; deliver courage or dent trust. What say you?

Popular songs shape our collective identity in every generation. When set to music, powerful words will move the human heart. Poets suspend their readers’ souls in the spaces between their words. They transport their readers to seasons of daring—or moments of despair. They capture the human heart and fire the imagination.

Last words attract our special attention. A celebrity’s death will spark intense media interest. Banner headlines announce a star’s Famous Final Words. Some collections of last words focus on unlikely or amusing utterances from famous—or unknown—personalities. Gleanings from closing sentences allow dead voices to live again; they offer survivors words to live by. Paul to Timothy: godly words to treasure and apply.

From the Patriarchs to the Prophets, apostates to Apostles, the Holy Bible records the last words of many. Some are interesting, others instructive. The Apostle Paul writes his final letter from a prison cell in Rome. He anticipates his imminent death. Held in bonds, with few visitors, he endures isolation. Yet, God never leaves his side. Facing Imperial persecution, Paul writes his legacy of hope to Timothy—and to us.

Paul does as God instructs: Let the one who has my word speak it faithfully (Jeremiah 23:28). Humanly speaking Paul is crushed and powerless, hemmed in on every side. Appearing held back from his mission to the Gentiles, his words reach them today.

Oswald Chambers reminds believers, We must never measure our spiritual capacity on the basis of our education or our intellect; our capacity in spiritual things is measured on the basis of the promises of God (My Utmost for His Highest). Paul has a similar message for timid Timothy and for all who shrink back from God’s calling upon their lives. Whom God calls He also equips, qualifies, and sustains. Praise God!

Walk with St. Paul through the coming month; let him lead you back to God. He is the Triune God; prison bars cannot contain Him. Remember this: only God has The Final Word in all things; with emancipating truth, He speaks a word of reviving love.
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