Time For God: Week 4

Written by Paul Beckingham

God steps in—often when least we expect Him! When the road gets rough and steep God’s blessings suddenly appear. The Lord of all blessings accompanies His people.

The Pilgrim path takes you the longest way to your destination. It ends in a peony of praise; God’s blessing welcomes you home. The Songs of Ascent close with multiple blessings. They greet the pilgrim who endures to the end. On fulfilling your purpose, you enter with the utmost joy into inexpressible blessings in God’s holy presence.

What does it mean to be blessed of God? What does His favour look like? How can God’s favour rest upon you? Such questions invite your quiet consideration.

Blessing is an untidy business. God’s blessings appear in the midst of messy lives. God does not lift His children up and into some ethereal realm, bless them, and then parachute them back into the battle. Blessing makes its home not just in tranquil places; it shows up in the chaos of combat and the heat of battle. Blessing’s first feature is God drawing alongside. He is with you at the front lines of your struggle.

God does not ask you first to sanitize your place in this broken world. That is not a prerequisite that will qualify you for His visit. Cleaning up your mess by yourself is an impossible task. God is never disillusioned with you, or your untidy life. He knows you’re not yet perfect. That’s why He comes to bless you. His love is real. He is able to step into your messy reality. He brings love’s healing hope to you.

God’s favour is more than feelings of warm security that His peace may evoke. God’s favour also has external features and observable qualities. When Christ turned the water into wine people could taste and see that the Lord is good. When he fed 5,000 men and their families His favour produced practical outcomes. When Jesus brought blessing to Bethany a dead man walked. Mary and Martha marvelled as their brother Lazarus stepped back into their lives. the favour of the Lord was upon them.

God’s blessing looks like His protection; He shields you from real harm. His provision puts food on your table and clothes on your back. His presence alongside you to conquers your fears. His deep peace to takes you far beyond anything you can ever fully understand; His peace is profound; more than words can ever express.  

In a season of blessing you know you are blessed! You cannot miss it; nor can others. They readily tell you just how blessed you are, especially if you’re tardy to admit it. As His favour rests upon you, God does for you the things you cannot do for yourself. He provides all that you need—and very much more. Cruel circumstances light up in vivid Technicolor through His awesome presence. Your heart leaps to say, Wow! I just came alive! Blessing comes with transformative power in God’s gentle Grace.
When God’s favour rests upon you, God gets the glory, your life changes, and others are blessed. God’s blessing affirms and sets you free to use your spiritual gifts.
God’s blessing brings ushers in a fruitful season. You work beyond your imagined limitations. God gives you strength to meet the task. Serving God feels like no chore; tiredness is tinged with great fulfillment. God’s favour more than meets your needs. You live in the overflow of His abundance; you find more to freely share with others.

This week you will read how God’s Spirit touches down-to-earth challenges. God’s favour brings heaven’s aroma to the earthy realities confronting you daily. That’s the joy of the Pilgrim story. Let it be yours as you tread lightly on your Pilgrim path.

The Lord blesses you richly; He walks alongside you. He is both Map and Guide. The Your walking partner is the One who says, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He knows your end from the beginning; He safely leads you home. Let your heart sing, It is well with my soul, today. Abundant blessings are yours; choose to rest in His love and relax in His care. Move forward on your journey from a centre of deep peace.

Now that is blessing, indeed!

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