Time For God: Day 22

Written By Paul Beckingham

Psalm 128:1:
Blessed is every one who fears the Lord, who walks in His ways.
I see my neighbours as they amble through the park beside us. Some walk their dogs, others stroll slowly by, still others power-walk with trekking poles in hand. Walking is a natural, every day gift …until it disappears. It is a blessing that you rarely give a second thought. Nor did I, until I lost it. I feared I might never walk again.

The accident destroyed our car. It put family-life on hold, in suspended animation. More than two years of therapy lay ahead. Intense, daily rehab treatment became a full-time job. I learned to walk again. Then, ping! Another fracture struck as I did my rehab! I would learn to walk again, again! It’s a complex skill to have to relearn.

During recovery one day, I rode in our car as my wife drove. Tears began to well up as I stared across the street. Something caught my full attention. “I’m just desperate to do that!” I choked. Following my glance, my wife was puzzled. “What! Deliver newspapers?” “No.” I sighed, “I want to walk again—like that delivery person.” I would sometimes dream of delivering the mail just for joy and freedom of walking!

The psalmist observes, Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way of sinners (Psalm1:1). Walking in God’s way is true freedom. Why do followers of Jesus so often need to learn to walk again? What defeats their walk?

Today, you may be limping painfully through long hours of each day. Life can be so hazardous. In those moments you can lose your fragile hope. Doubt and fear act like angry terriers snapping at the heels of faith. When the music of I did it my way finally fades and fails, God’s way of walking delivers unruffled peace and joyful hope.

Today’s Focus verse invites you to realign your heart. True repentance changes your route. A new path for life begins—from walking away to walking His way.

When have your feet taken you to places of regret? How did you find your way back? How has God restored your hope in times of desperation? Who might long to hear your story of honesty, breakdown, forgiveness, and hope, today?

Lord of Hope, our Reconciler and Redeemer-King, I praise you for turning my life around. Thank you for saving me from the “guttermost” to the uttermost. Your Word declares, They have conquered [the evil one] by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony (Rev. 12:11). May my honest witness touch another soul. Let your great news of hope’s release set a loved one free; may they be found in Christ today. To the praise of Your glory. Amen.

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