Time For God: Day 9

Written by Paul Beckingham

Focus: Psalm 124:2-3
If it had not been the Lord who was on our side, when men rose up against us, then they would have swallowed us alive, when their wrath was kindled against us…

We live in the age of anxiety. Along with depression, anxiety is the number one cause of people seeking professional help for emotional distress.

 Anxiety is a fear-based emotion. It causes you to fear a future filled with intolerable distress. Depression is a pain-based emotion; it takes you back to a place of regret. It is a room filled with if-only this …if-only that. Fear and pain act together. They are a formidable tag-team. They target the unwary and bring down the strong. Constantly they batter the doors of a fearful heart. They will take you to a place called Stuck.

Some say that fear and greed drive the Stock Market. It may be truer to say that fear-of-missing-out and the-pain-of-loss truly motivate the anxious investor. The same anxiety applies to ordinary follower-addicts of social media sites. Anxiety pervades.

In today’s Song of Ascent, David is no stranger to fear. His was not the imagined fear of habitually anxious people. War was his lived reality. Enemy forces pursued him. His family betrayed him. David feigned madness, fled to the hills, lived in caves, stole bread from the Tabernacle to survive. He spent nights under the stars, fought bears, lions, and wolves to defend his flocks, and stood against the giant’s roaring threats.
Though flawed and broken by sin, David strove to fulfill God’s will for his life. A faithful shepherd, he served the nation God called him to lead. David speaks directly to your situation. When you face your giants of worry and despair, your ogres of fear and pain, your traitors of anxiety and depression, how will you defeat them?

Like David, you begin by knowing God as your provider, guardian, and defence. He invites you to rest in His love and relax in His care. He goes ahead of you into this day to calm your fears. When you are in harm’s way, God’s way will shield you.
What helps you to remain an un-anxious presence in the midst of today’s pressures, trouble, and challenges? What assists you to entrust your heart’s concerns into the protecting arms of Jesus? How might you help another person to do the same?
Lord of Glory, God of Might, no challenge is impossible for you. Only you can set me free. Release my heart from habits of worry and fear. Wrap me in your faithful love and strong protection. I entrust my friends and family into your tender care. Amen.