Time For God: Day 3

Written by Paul Beckingham

Focus: Psalm 121:3-4:
He will not allow your foot to be moved; He who keeps you will not slumber. Behold, He who keeps Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.
God’s rescue plan is personal to you. In my senior High School year, I joined a mountain trek in Wales. Mountain weather can turn treacherous in the blink of an eye. Our small student-group began crossing a narrow ridge. Precipitous cliffs dropped away 1,000 feet each side of us. Blue skies revealed placid lakes below us.

Suddenly, low-lying clouds engulfed us. We could not see our hands stretched ahead of us. Our contact with each other was only by voice. Relying on our leader, I never checked the map. I was quite unaware of the real danger. But I was powerfully aware of a classmate’s distress. Hidden by clouds, he whimpered, unable to move forward. “Have faith,” I laughingly called out. He had no faith. I added, “As I talk, listen to my voice. Follow my sound.” By God’s grace alone, we made it safely home.

Years later, I bumped into him again. Smiling, he told me he worships, attending church, as a follower of Jesus. “How did all that happen?” I asked, astonished. Quietly, he said, “It began on a mountain. Somebody called to me, ‘Have faith’! I know that God was not asleep. I heard His call; He heard my cry for help.”

I marvel how God never allowed my foot – or my friend’s – to be moved, that day. Rather, he moves our hearts closer to His own.

How has God rescued you from your own folly or rebellion? Thank him today. Maybe you could share your story with a person who needs to receive God’s love.

Living Lord, Loving God, you have preserved my life right up until this moment. Thank you that I can trust you for the future. Thank you that every tomorrow holds the promise of your presence. I choose to live in you more fully, today. Amen

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